#JavaScript30 - Day 20

Day 20: Native Speech Recognition This challenge introduces the browser's speech recognition capabilities. What Did I Learn? I hadn't really thought about doing a speech recognition side project but now that I know it's easier to implement, I should build a fun side project! You can also add if statements »

#JavaScript30 - Day 19

Day 19: Unreal Webcam Fun In this challenge, I enabled my laptop's webcam and implemented varying effects to its RGB. I liked how out of the box it felt compared to the other lessons. What Did I Learn? ALL OF IT! Interested in participating in #JavaScript30? Register here and learn »

#JavaScript30 - Day 18

Day 18: Tally String Times with Reduce This challenge was to calculate the total video time. What Did I Learn? When you use document.querySelectorAll, it outputs a NodeList object. This looks like an array but you won't be able to use many of its methods. When a NodeList (or »

#JavaScript30 - Day 17

Day 17: Sorting Band Names Without Articles Use Array.prototype.sort() to sort a list of band names while not incorporating The, An and A while sorting. What did I learn? Similar to the Day 4 and Day 7 challenges, getting comfortable with sort() is a helpful way to practice »

#JavaScript30 - Day 15

Day 15: LocalStorage and Event Delegation This challenge uses localStorage and event delegation to create a list with checkboxes. As you add an item, the checked/unchecked event will be tied to the newly added list item. What did I learn? I learned a couple of new things in dev »

#JavaScript30 - Day 16

Day 16: CSS Text Shadow Mouse Move Effect This is something I've wanted to know how to do but haven't spent the time doing it! So I'm happy to see this type of challenge included. We learned how to apply a text shadow effect to a word when the mouse »

#JavaScript30 - Day 14

Day 14: Object and Arrays - Reference vs. Copy This was a good exercise and reminder of how updating an array and/or object can be affected depending on how the new array and/or object was created. What did I learn? Object.assign() only goes one level deep. Object »

#JavaScript30 - Day 13

Day 13: Slide In on Scroll This challenge was to implement a slide in animation on the photos as you scroll down the page. What did I learn? It can get complicated really quickly. Having to keep track of the offsets, heights and scrollY's can get overwhelming. One trick is »

#JavaScript30 - Day 12

Day 12: Key Sequence Detection This challenge taught us how to detect when a user inputs a specific key sequence. What did I learn? .includes has been used in many of the challenge solutions and it's hard to believe I didn't know it existed before. Interested in participating in #JavaScript30? »

#JavaScript30 - Day 11

Day 11: Custom HTML5 Video Player When I first saw that we were going to build a custom video player with the ability to play, pause, fast forward & rewind in multiple spots plus change the volume and playback rate.... I thought it was going to require writing more code »

#JavaScript30 - Day 10

Day 10: Hold Shift to Check Multiple Checkboxes The shift key is commonly used to group things together between a selection of two items. For example, selecting one email message, pressing the shift key and selecting another email further down the list. This highlights all emails in between. That's the »