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I did it!!!

I built 30 JavaScript challenges and blogged about each one. I have learned sooooo much and feel more solid with my skills. This has truly inspired me to keep going. You don't have to build large projects just to learn - and I know I forget that sometimes.

When I first set out to do this, I wanted to challenge myself. I was craving to learn more fundamentals. When #JavaScript30 came along, I also used it as an opportunity to jumpstart regular blog posts in hopes of helping and/or inspiring others.

I plan on continuing to practice and posting my projects on CodePen.

Thank you so much for following along in my journey!

Lastly, I can't thank Wes enough for putting in his time, effort and creativity into this course. What an amazing contribution to our community and I really hope each person reading this, signs up for the challenge.

Interested in participating in #JavaScript30?

Register here and learn at your own speed.