Flex panels image gallery day 5 challenge

Day 5: Flex Panels Image Gallery

Flexbox! Something I don't use enough. I've decided to redo flexbox.io when I've finished this series. I'm only 5 challenges in and my list of things to practice is already super long! I'm ok with this though..... cause I'm all about working hard.

What did I learn?

I've noticed that Wes has used transform & transition on multiple occasions and I'm only starting to realize their capabilities. From scaling, rotating, translating and many more, they're powerful and can add that bit of animation that can make your work stand out just a bit more.

flex: none | [ <flex-grow> <flex-shrink>? || <flex-basis> ]. I love how flex and transition were used to create the animation to increase the size of the clicked photo.

Using an includes() method in if statements. For example, instead of explicitly looking for a specific class name, use includes to look for a partial string.

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