#JavaScript30 Day 1 Drum Kit Exercise Screenshot

Day 1: JavaScript Drum Kit

Considering it was Day 1, I decided to watch the whole video and work alongside Wes. For Day 2, I'll stop the video before he starts working through the solution to give it a go on my own first.

I found this exercise fun (who doesn't like a drum kit?!) and a great first step in understanding expectations for the next 30 days.

It was refreshing to get back to the basics of JS and not use a framework.

What did I learn?

That I should look at using data-* attributes more instead of defaulting to class or id.

Wes also brought up a good point about taking a block of time every day, whether that be 10 minutes or an hour, to practice. This series shows how you can do that without having to come up with grandiose ideas of what to build. But breaking them down to smaller implementation pieces so the feeling of being overwhelmed doesn't consume you.

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